“Checking up on YOU!” ®

In 2007 we blended nursing and technology for YOU!
Now we have placed telemonitoring equipment in 700 patients’ and clients’ homes

We call our wellness/preventive program, Checking up on YOU! Why? That’s because we do check up on you. It is designed so that we keep in touch with clients/patients BEFORE something happens to them and they have to go to a hospital or nursing home.

We put telemonitoring equipment in the home so that your loved one takes his/her vital signs daily…Blood Pressure, Pulse, Weight, Glucose, Sp02. The results are automatically transmitted into Firstat’s center for telemonitoring and communications where our nurses review the daily data 7 days a week. This data can be provided to the client, family, our clinical nurse supervisors and your physician.

Secondly, a Firstat nurse makes a routine home visit once a week…EVERY WEEK Checking up on YOU! Just think of the value to everyone…client, family and physician. A preventive concierge and safety program. There are so many benefits but none more important than preventing trips to a hospital or nursing home! We’re there because you can’t be.

An ounce of prevention is…
Checking up on YOU! ®